Impact Calibration

Why Calibrate Your Impact Testing Machine?
When you use an impact tester to determine the breaking energy of specimens, you need to have confidence that the data is sound. An Instron impact calibration will give you a statement of how well your impact testing system is performing.

Pendulum Impact Testers (Metal & Plastics)

Instron's pendulum impact calibrations are carried out against the appropriate international standard using traceable equipment and a fully trained and accredited calibration staff. Such calibrations provide a high integrity independent calibration report that fully meets ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 needs.

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Drop Tower Impact Testers

Instron Professional Services are now able to provide NVLAP accredited calibrations for Strain Gauged TUPs, from 1kN up to 100kN under lab code 200301-0.

This calibration is carried out directly on your Drop Tower testing instrument, enabling you to be back up and testing in few hours, minimizing the downtime of your equipment.

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