The ISO 1798 method determines the tensile and deformation properties of flexible cellular materials when extended at a constant rate of displacement until failure. These properties include tensile strength and elongation at break.

The challenges:

  • Specimen gripping
  • Repeatable strain measurements
  • Reporting test results in compliance with the standard

Our solutions:

  • Specimen gripping – Recommended gripping options include pneumatic side action grips and advanced screw action grips. Pneumatic side acting grips provide a constant clamping force to eliminate slippage and produce repeatable results.
  • Repeatable strain measurements – Advanced strain solutions include non-contacting extensometers, such as the Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE2) and automatic contacting extensometers, such as the AutoX750. These solutions require little influence from the operator, resulting in improved repeatability. Contacting long travel extensometers also meet the measurement accuracy requirements of the standard.
  • Reporting test results in compliance with the standard – Bluehill® Universal testing software offers advanced methods that are available with pre-configured calculations to ensure compliance with the reporting requirements of this standard.

It is important to review ISO 1798 to fully understand the test setup, procedure, and results requirements.

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