Ceramics materials are used in modern dentistry in a variety of different applications including fillings, crowns, veneers, implants, and dental brackets.

ISO 6872 "Dentistry - Ceramic Materials" specifies the requirements for ceramic materials used in dentistry and also defines the basic methods for flexural strength testing. The standard specifies that either three or four-point bending is permissible.

Testing can be carried out on either a Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine or an ElectroPuls™ All-Electric Dynamic Test System, using Bluehill® Software to set up, run, and analyze tests.

To accommodate the small specimen size, we used a miniature bend fixture with the ability to incorporate different anvil diameters. The test can be undertaken in air or can be submersed into a fluid bath for simulation of in vivo conditions.

Our bend fixture provides specialized features for testing according to ISO 6872. The fixture is engineered to ensure high precision of span distances and centering, and addresses the issues of alignment and parallelism that are vital for these tests. The unit also features and includes various sized anvils with mounting in a V-slot for high anvil parallelism.

We recommend that you review the standard to fully understand its requirements.

Interested in other mechanical tests for dental materials or dental implants? We have a variety of different testing equipment solutions for dentistry.

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