Shear bond strength is an important parameter to dentists and orthodontists as it helps ensure that metallic or ceramic brackets, wires, and other devices are bonded correctly to tooth enamel. The bracket can be displaced during normal every day use if the bond strength is weak, and then complex and costly corrective procedures must be employed.

Our shear fixture allows researchers and scientists to evaluate the shear strength of dental materials and adhesives in a controlled in vitro experiment. The fixture provides the linear guidance necessary to ensure that a pure shear force is applied to the bracket or wire as the test progresses.

The fixture can be mounted to either an Electromechanical Testing Machine or an ElectroPuls™ Dynamic Test Instrument. Both of these types of systems can be used to undertake a variety of other dentistry tests involving compression, tensile adhesion, and flexural tests. ElectroPuls allows the additional capability to undertake dynamic and fatigue tests of dental materials and devices.

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