IS 1608 Tensile Testing Metallic Materials at Ambient Temperature

IS 1608 Tensile Testing of Metals and Metallic Materials

IS 1608 is an Indian standard that specifies the method for tensile testing metals and other metallic materials. This standard defines the mechanical properties that can be determined at ambient temperature and is identical to ISO 6892:1998. IS 1608 involves straining a specimen in tension, generally to fracture, for the purpose of determining one or more mechanical properties including, but not limited to maximum force, tensile strength, and total elongation. IS 1608 is a key standard for Indian manufacturers who use metals, such as those found in the automotive and consumer/industrial products industries. 

IS 1608 was generated for Indian standard use, and only differs from ISO 6892 to accommodate grammar differences and to replace the word ‘International’ with ‘Indian’. 

Materials Testing System

For metals testing we recommend one of Instron's high force systems combined with Bluehill Universal software. For those looking for a high force electromechanical solution, Instron's 6800 Series can accommodate testing up to 600 kN force capacity. Instron also offers a variety of hydraulic solutions for testing up to 2,000 kN. We also offer a wide selection of gripping solutions to accommodate the many different specimen types allowed by IS 1608. 

IS 1608 Test Setup
1) Industrial Series LX System
2) Bluehill Universal Software
3) Hydraulic Side-Action Grips
4) Axial Clip-On Extensometer


IS 1608 tensile testing of metals
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