Specimen Preparation Systems

Proper preparation of the specimen is a critical process for accurate material characterization. An appropriate preparation of the specimen as well as adequate notching will affect the final test results by generating reliable outcomes in the finish product performances. This can be accomplished by several specimen preparation techniques which abide by the main ISO and ASTM international standards. Instron offers an extensive range of notching, milling, and punching machines designed to prepare specimens from thick to thin as well as from soft to hard.

Please refer to this document for a complete overview of the available models.

Principle Of Operation

Designed as either manual or automatic devices, these specimen preparation instruments allow for easy and fast preparation of the specimens testing operations ensuring the most accurate results and increased production cycles.

Application Range

Plastics, rubbers, elastomers, reinforced plastic materials, film, and thin sheets of various materials


Item Name Cat #
CEAST Specimen Preparation Punching Machines C-6051-000, C-6054-000
CEAST Specimen Preparation Notching Machines C-6897-000, C-6898-000, C-6899-000