The 6800 Series Multi-Station System offers enhanced throughput with its ability to perform simultaneous, independent tests on up to five (5) separate specimens using a single load frame. Based on our standard 68TM-30 testing frame (30 kN capacity)*, this system is especially suitable when test times are lengthened due to high elongation or slow test speeds. If your test methods and expected results are similar for the specimens you are testing, this system is the ideal solution for cost-effective and efficient materials testing. This system will help labs keep up with the high throughput demands of high speed or multiple production lines.

*Note: This is the total frame capacity for all load strings combined. Other capacities are available upon request. Load string capacity is equal to the frame capacity divided by the number of load strings.

The pre-configured Multi-Station System meets most test lab requirements for performing simultaneous tests. Depending on your workload, you can test one to five specimens at the same time. The system works seamlessly with Bluehill® Universal materials testing software and has the ability show all required transducer channels on live displays. Bluehill Universal for Multi-Station also shows live graphs for all specimens under test. The tests end only when appropriate criteria is met for all specimens being testing.

The testing frame is offered with 3 or 5 load strings and in different heights, widths, and pitches to allow for various load string configuration and peripheral equipment. The extra height frame is an option for high elongation materials. The wide pitch, with available horizontal spacing of 165 mm (6.5 in), is necessary when using long travel XL extensometers and will accommodate both the 1 and 2 kN pneumatic side action grips. The narrow pitch, available with horizontal spacing of 140 mm (5.5 in), is necessary when using an environmental chamber and will accommodate the 1 kN pneumatic side action grips.

Multi-Station Systems are configured for a wide variety of applications. General system components are outlined below, but can be configured for many different applications.

General System Components

  • 68TM-30, extra-wide Multi-Station frame with total load capacity of 30 kN
  • Static Load cells
  • Pneumatic Side Acting Grips or relevant test fixtures
  • Operator Dashboard with Bluehill Universal materials testing software with appropriate test application module and Multi-Station options

Improve Efficiency and Increase Throughput of Your Facility

  • Single system to handle the testing needs of 5 systems
  • Convenient multiple test setup provides increased productivity
  • Simultaneous and synchronized data logging
  • Auto calibration on all channels
  • Easy-to-use Bluehill Universal test control software
  • Automatic Specimen Measuring Device (ASMD)


  • Extra height frame for high elongation specimens
  • 5-port environmental chamber with roller mount, providing temperatures from -40° C to 200° C
  • Long travel XL extensometers
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