Instron® Introduces TrendTracker Module for Bluehill® Central

Instron is excited to announce the release of TrendTracker, a module in Bluehill Central designed to accelerate the data analysis workflow of your single or multi-location materials testing laboratories. An intuitive interface allows you to quickly search, display, and analyze results over time and across multiple samples and test systems.

With the TrendTracker add-on for Bluehill Universal, Instron frames can automatically send test results to a centralized database to be viewed in Bluehill Central. The TrendTracker module’s statistical process control (SPC) tools make it easier to identify and remediate inconsistencies in your manufacturing process.

Customizable searches query the database for the data you need and display it using sortable tables and a variety of control charts to evaluate the performance of your product.

TrendTracker Software

Available control charts include run charts, Xbar charts, R charts, S charts, box plots, and histograms. Available SPC measures include fundamental statistics such as mean, median, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, and variance - but also more comprehensive measures such as acceptance limits, control limits, process capability metrics (Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk), and Western Electric Co (WECO) rules.

Bluehill Central is a networked lab management solution that allows lab managers to remotely manage all test systems running Bluehill Universal, regardless of the number of systems or their location in the world. TrendTracker is one of the available modules for results analysis. Traceability and Lab Management are additional modules for centrally managing your Instron’s files and tracking the changes associated with those files.

To learn more, visit our Bluehill Central page.