Technical Support​

Our support teams are in place to help you realize the value in your Instron® testing system, using the latest support tools, including artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to increase remote fix rates and get your Instron system back up and running rapidly. ​

Instron Connect

Instron Connect offers the highest level of technical support for Instron systems around the world. Instron Connect includes a number of technologies that create a secure connection between the testing systems at your facility and Instron. Our problem-solving tools harness innovative technology to rapidly troubleshoot issues and answer your technical questions, increasing productivity, reducing risk and minimizing downtime.​


Here you will find answers to customer support, software-related and testing system questions as well as general technical support and service-related questions. ​


Lost your manual? It might be in our online manual library. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact Instron Technical Support.​

Serial Number Locator​

Can't find the serial number on your system? This tool lets you look up the serial number location using your system model number.​