This standard details the testing of fibers and cords made specifically for use in the manufacture of pneumatic tires. This standard may be applied to similar yarns and cords used for reinforcing other rubber goods and for other industrial applications. The result of this test is a determination of tensile strength of the cord being tested.

Gripping of the specimens can prove a challenge, as the cords tested with this standard are designed to be very high strength. Instron’s 2714-010 pneumatic cord and yarn grips are designed specifically for this application, and will allow specimens to be tested without slippage.  

The challenges of testing to this standard are:

  • Specimen gripping

Instron's Solution:

  • Instron pneumatic tire cord grips are designed specifically for testing high strength tire cord, and are able to grip securely while maintaining high throughput

It is important to review ASTM D885-07 to fully understand the test setup, procedure, and results requirements.

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