Types of Calibrations

Discover the types of calibrations that we offer for materials testing systems:​

Force calibration

Force Calibration

Instron’s accredited force calibration service covers a wider range of forces than other providers, enabling the usage of test systems for both lower and higher forces without the need for changing transducers or purchasing new ones.

Speed and displacement calibration

Speed & Displacement Calibration​

Instron has long been a leader in measuring and verifying speed and displacement and is an active participant in developing the ASTM speed and displacement verification standards. These services ensure that testing parameters are being met and that associated results are being calculated accurately.​

Strain calibration

Strain Calibration

Instron has been a leading provider in measuring and calibrating strain and is an active participant in the development of ASTM E83, ISO 9513 and ISO 5893 strain measurement standards.​

Temperature calibration

Temperature Calibration

Instron has developed a number of temperature calibration procedures that meet the most common laboratory and manufacturing requirements. These procedures are fully compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and provide assurance that your test data is valid and your processes are properly controlled.​

Alignment test

Alignment Test

Our Field Service and Calibration Engineers work directly with ASTM and Nadcap to understand the requirements for materials testing system alignment. We have developed and established alignment assessment services complying with the guidelines and calculations detailed within ASTM E1012 and Nadcap standards. ​

Impact calibration

Impact Calibration

Instron can perform accredited on-site calibration on pendulum and drop tower impact testers.​​

Melt Flow, HDT Vicat, and Capillary Rheometer Calibrations

Instron can provide calibration and verification services for Melt Flow, HDT Vicat, and Capillary Rheometer Systems. ​​

Hardness calibration

Hardness Calibration​

Instron’s global calibration laboratory is accredited to provide hardness calibration.​