Solutions for Reinforcement Bar Testing

Global construction output is forecast to grow by more than 70% to $15 trillion worldwide by 2025. The growth rate projections will mean new bridges, roadways, dams, tunnels, stadiums, etc. All of these structures will require reinforcement bar (rebar) embedded in the concrete to improve the tensile strength.

Various rebar product standards link back to one or more international testing standards and testing guidelines are widely available. Instron systems are compliant with the following standards: ISO 6892-1:2009, ISO15630-1; ASTM E8M: 2013, A370, A615; AC133; BS 4449; GB 1499; and JIS G3112.

Steel Reinforcement Bar: A Tensile Testing Guide is available as a supplement to product and testing standards and provides explanation in areas that are commonly misinterpreted by the user. A Webinar: Challenges of Rebar Testing is also available.

Testing rebar presents many challenges, including:  irregular and/or bent specimens; violent tensile failures; strain and elongation measurement; repeatable/accurate tensile results; bend testing; and cyclic testing for rebar couplers.

Learn more about how an Instron testing system can offer solutions and improve testing efficiency and throughput while enhancing operator safety:

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