Non-Contacting Video Extensometer

The AVE 2 advanced video extensometer is one of the fastest, most accurate non-contacting strain measurement devices commercially available. Utilizing patented measurement technology, this fully-integrated device easily adapts to the normal fluctuations of environmental conditions in your lab including thermal and lighting variations. The AVE 2 can be used on all types of materials ranging from low-strain metals and composites to high-elongation polymers and elastomers. In addition to ambient testing it can be used with temperature chambers and fluid baths. This device is designed for static and cyclic fatigue testing and meets a broad range of standards, including ISO 527-2ASTM D638ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8, and many more.

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Designed to Reduce Operator and Environmental Influences

AVE 2 Advanced Video Extensometer

Non-Contacting Solution

Eliminates the effect of operators on your strain results; producing more consistent and repeatable results. Prevents premature damage to the specimen by measuring strain without touching for the most accurate results.

Patented Cross-Polarized Lighting System

No two labs have the same lighting conditions, and lighting can change throughout the day, which can lead to different results. To ensure the AVE 2 always sees the same image, Instron uses a patented cross-polarized lighting system (US 7,047,819 B2, EP 1,424,547, B1) that’s able to produce repeatable results regardless of your lab’s lighting conditions.

Patented CDAT Fans

Normal laboratory ventilation creates air flows which diffract light, introducing errors that can be as high as several microns. The AVE 2 uses patented CDAT fans (US 7,610,815 B2, and EP 1,424,547, B1) which create a constant air-flow between the specimen and the camera, producing consistent results even if your air conditioner turns on during a test.

One Device to Meet All Your Strain Measurement Needs

AVE 2 with Environmental Chamber

Non-Ambient Testing

Its versatility allows for testing specimens and components at ambient and high/low temperatures, or while specimens are submersed in a bath.

AVE 2 Metals Testing

Multiple Specimen Types

A single device in your lab can now accommodate test specimens with multiple gauge lengths or varied elongations, offering a field of view up to 840 mm for testing a wide range of material types and sizes.

AVE 2 on Single Column Universal Testing Machine

Real-Time Data Rate

Utilize the real-time 490 Hz data rate to capture quickly changing measurement events.

Synchronized Playback

Record images of the test for synchronized playback or for post-analysis with Digital Image Correlation.

Marking Methods

Depending on your application, you can now take measurements using a variety of marking methods — dots, lines, speckle, or even natural patterns.

Advanced Averaging Transverse Strain Measurement for Sheet Metal

AverEdge32 is an optional advanced feature of the AVE 2 that utilizes edge-detection technology to simultaneously measure transverse strain at 32 locations along the specimen gauge length. It then averages them in real time, resulting in a smooth and repeatable transverse strain value, which is essential to calculating the r-value of sheet metal.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time transverse strain, averaged from 32 gauge widths, provides repeatable transverse strain with even the most demanding materials
  • Improved results repeatability, reducing or eliminating the need to perform any retesting
  • Edge detection eliminates the need for transverse marks
  • Exceeds the requirements of ISO 10113, ASTM E517, JIS 2254 & GB/T 5027 for plastic strain ratio (r-value)
  • AverEdge32 can be seamlessly integrated with any existing AVE 2 currently installed or purchased separately
  • Patent Pending back screen design guides the light away from the operator, reducing fatigue

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AverEdge32 Hardware

r-Value Comparisons
Single Gauge Width vs. AverEdge32 Technology

5000 Series Aluminum r-Value Graphs
5000 Series Aluminum
6000 Series Aluminum r-Value Graphs
6000 Series Aluminum


AverEdge32 White Paper
Evaluating Measurement Techniques for Calculating the Plastic Strain Ratio (r-value) of Sheet Metal White Paper

This white paper discusses the improvement in r-value results when using the averaged multi-point measurement compared to a single-point measurement.

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Strain Measurement for Sheet Metal Testing and Eliminating r-Value Variability Webinar

In this webinar we discuss the challenges in measuring strain in sheet metal and discuss how the AverEdge32 can improve formability testing, including capturing data such as plastic strain ratio (r-value).


Designed to Move from System to System with Ease

Universal Testing Systems

System Compatibility

Can be used on nearly any Instron system in your lab. Some legacy systems may require or benefit from a control electronics retrofit.

Quick Installation

Easily mounts to testing frame and can be quickly moved from machine to machine within the lab.

AVE 2 Controlled by Bluehill Universal Software

Streamlined Control

Streamlined operator controls are integrated directly into Bluehill® Universal software, removing confusing and unnecessary steps.

For Cyclic Testing and High Speed Monotonic Tests

20 Hz Icon

Cyclic Testing up to 20 Hz

The AVE 2 is now available with an option for cyclic testing, supporting frequencies up to 20 Hz.

Tracking Rate Icon

Tracking up to 500 mm/s

Capable of tracking displacement at up to 500 mm/s, the AVE 2 dynamic is perfect for fast monotonic testing.

8800MT Icon

Integration with 8800MT

AVE 2 dynamic capability is available exclusively on the 8800 Minitower dynamic control system.

WaveMatrix Icon

Integration with WaveMatrix3

Seamless integration with WaveMatrix3. Compatible with the Calculations and Advanced Control modules.

Control Icon

Strain Control

Control your cyclic tests at up to 20 Hz using the dynamic strain measurement from your AVE 2 video extensometer.

Axial Transverse Icon

Axial and Transverse
Strain Data

Both axial and transverse specimen measurements are available for cyclic strain monitoring.

Dynamic Low Force Applications

Understanding the effect of knife edges on the specimen life of compliant materials. AVE 2 for dynamic low force provides strain control without damaging your specimen.

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Dynamic High Force Applications

Understanding the effect of high energy specimen failure on your measurement device. AVE 2 for dynamic high force provides strain control without damaging your extensometer in case of specimen failure.

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SVE 2 Standard Video Extensometer

Standard Video Extensometer

The SVE 2 (catalog no. 2663-902) is a non-contacting extensometer that’s ideal for elastomers and polymers that have less demanding requirements for measuring strain, including ASTM D412 and ISO 37.

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Optional Lenses for Video Extensometers

Optional Lenses
6 mm, 9 mm, 16 mm, and 35 mm Focal Length Lenses

Lenses on the AVE 2 and SVE 2 are easily swapped out to accommodate up to a 840 mm field of view.

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