Universal Testing Systems for Tensile, Compression, and Flexure Testing

The 3400 Series Universal Testing Machines range in capacity from 500 N to 300 kN and are designed to meet all of your force testing needs. Instron’s patent-pending Operator Protect system architecture makes the 3400 Series simpler, smarter, and safer than ever before. Designed to perform tensile, compression, flex, peel, puncture, friction, shear tests, and more, these systems are compatible with hundreds of grips and fixtures found in our expansive accessory catalog.

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0.025 N (2.5 gf) - 300 kN Force Capacities

Low-Force Testing Systems

The 3400 Series single column systems provide up to 5 kN capacity available in standard and extra height options.

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Mid-Range Testing Systems

The 3400 Series dual column table models provide up to 50 kN capacity available in standard and extra height options.

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High-Force Testing Systems

The 3400 Series floor models provide up to 300 kN capacity available in short base and tall base options.

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Powered by Bluehill® Universal


Bluehill Universal is built from the ground up for touch interaction. The Operator Dashboard features large touchpoints to make the user experience simpler and smarter. Easy-to-understand icons and workflows make it easy to train new or experienced users, simplify operator training, and allow you to start testing even faster than ever before.

Bluehill Universal Static Materials Testing Software


For when you need results fast, QuickTest allows users to enter a few simple parameters and run their test within seconds.

Pre-Loaded Templates

Bluehill Universal includes an extensive library of pre-configured methods for some of the most commonly used ASTM, ISO, and EN standards. The methods are packaged in modules that are specific to your testing application.


Users can be guided through the entire testing process with step-by-step instructions, ensuring that their tests remain repeatable, simple, and error-free. The prompts are customizable with your own text and images.

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Safety Without Sacrificing Throughput

Operator Protect

The 3400 Series is built on Instron’s patent-pending Operator Protect architecture. An intelligent workflow keeps equipment and operators safer by controlling system status from setup to test completion.

Safety Coaching

Built-In Safety Coaching

The 3400 system provides clear direction to users about when it is safe to enter the test space and when they should stay clear of it.

Smart-Close Air Kit

Smart-Close Air Kit

Finger pinch hazards from pneumatic grips are reduced through lower grip-closing pressure and restricted speed during the set up phase of your test.

Single Column 3400 Series

Operator Panel

All-New Operator Panel

The 3400 Series brings system controls closer than ever before with the all-new operator panel.
Improve ergonomics and throughput by starting and stopping tests, jogging the crosshead,
and returning to the starting position directly from the instrument.


Variable Speed Jog

During set up mode, your system will default to a safe speed appropriate for an operator to work in the test space.


Status at a Glance

Monitor the system status with indicator lights and corresponding Safety Coaching messages in Bluehill Universal.


Virtual Interlock

With Instron’s patent-pending system architecture, the machine’s movement is restricted to prevent unintended motion of the crosshead.


Protecting Your Investment

3400 Series Internal Components

Collision Mitigation

Reduce damage to equipment and delicate specimens by stopping the crosshead if force is detected upon return or during a jog.

Load Cell Overload Protection

The 3400 Series systems automatically stop when the load cell reaches maximum capacity to prevent damage to the load cell, system, and accessories.

Built to Last

Powered by maintenance-free brushless AC servomotors, the 3400 Series is designed for longevity. All Instron electromechanical systems are equipped with guidance columns in addition to preloaded ballscrews for increased robustness.


Model Force Capacity Preinstallation Manual  The Preinstallation Manual is what you need to know when preparing your facility for a new system installation. It details the site and power requirements, dimensional drawings, lifting and handling instructions, installation procedure, and preventative maintenance details. Operator's Guide  The Operators' Guide provides the information you need to know to start testing after the system has been installed and set up for the first time. The document provides safety information, a detailed introduction, notes on prepping the system, and information on testing specimens. 3D CAD Models  Disclaimer: © 2022 Instron Corporation. These materials can be used solely for the purpose of preparing fixtures for Instron-manufactured equipment. These materials cannot be used, copied, published, distributed, displayed, or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form for any other purpose without the prior express written consent of Instron Corporation.
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