RSAnalysis is an important tool throughout the data acquisition and handling process. Dedicated algorithms condense and optimize your measurement data and turn them into loading data that simulates a complete product life circle. This module from the RS LabSite® modulogic SoftwareSuite provides for analysis and graphical presentation of test data, while allowing maximum freedom: Apart from the presentation of measured data, a wealth of other functions are available for performing typical data analysis procedures quickly and systematically.

If the numerous standard reports integrated in the software do not meet your requirements, customized formats can be created as required. This makes sure that you are aware at all times how your tests are running and what results they are producing.

RS Analysis is available in two versions: Choose either the Basic- or the Advanced-versions in accordance with your specific needs. Whichever version you choose, the following benefits will be at your disposal:

  • Minimum cost of training through integration in Project Manager
  • Traceable results (Test reports are stored in Project Manager along with the test data)
  • High productivity through automation

RS Analysis Benefits

  • Processing methods are started directly from RS BasTest Project Manager
  • Numerious methods
    • Importing and exporting of data
    • Statistical functions
    • Signal presentation and editing
    • Offset/spike correction
    • Frequency-based methods
    • Wide range of filter functions
    • Graphical, interactive signal editor
    • and many more...
  • Automation through linking of methods
  • Report generation


  • Classification procedure
    • Rainflow, level crossing or tension pairing
    • length of stay
  • Fatigue-related editing and analysis procedures
    • Rosette processing
    • Automatic data reduction to remove non-harmful parts (Automatic Rainflow Projection Filter)
    • life expectancy based on stress or strain
  • Layout Builder to create your own templates for logs
  • Automation through graphical programming (Process Builder)
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