The following is a listing of all of the pre-configured test methods available in Bluehill Universal materials testing software.

*ASTM F2516, ISO 7886-1 Annex E, ISO 80369-20 require TestProfiler

** ISO 80369-20 requires the Torsion Add-On

*Advanced TestProfiler methods for ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8 / E8M are also included. These methods will automatically switch test machine control mode based on the type of yielding (continuous or discontinuous) and include all relevant calculation results. These methods require TestProfiler.

*ISO 13936-2 requires TestProfiler

The Torsion Application Module is intended for use on static MT Torsion systems. The module includes the Torsion and Torsion Relax/Creep method templates. The Torsion template is used for creating twist to failure test methods and includes preload, pre-cycling and up to four test ramps. The Torsion Relax/Creep template is used for creating twist to a hold level test methods and includes preload, a test loading ramp and hold level.

Note: TestProfiler is supported by the Torsion Application Module in Bluehill 3 version 3.61 and higher.